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How to Handle Only Emergency Calls On Android Phones

Have you ever experienced a signal on an android phone missing? or does the signal turn into an exclamation mark symbol? That is a problem that often occurs in every android phone user and sometimes we are confused how to overcome the sim card only emergency calls.
How to Handle Only Emergency Calls On Android Phones

The appearance of the exclamation mark icon causes the writing of only emergency calls on the notification panel. Here the admin uses Samsung J2 Pro smartphones, but this applies also to all brands of android phones including hp that you use because both smart phones (smartphones).

Smart phones have become a necessity for some people. The many benefits produced in life, making smart phones one of the best-selling in the country and even the world. Smart phones are not far from the name of the internet connection, this internet connection you can get by installing the operator card.

But have you ever had problems not being able to connect to the internet and mobile data does not appear? Besides that you will see a full signal but there is a notif only emergency call? Therefore I will discuss about the issue of full signal but only emergency calls. 

Let's take this post to the end. 

How to Handle Only Emergency Calls On Android Phones

It must be upset if the operator card we use has problems so it cannot be used to access the internet because of some of the above causes. Well if you already know the cause, now I will discuss about how to megatasinya. There are several ways you can do this, including:

Turn on Airplane Mode

As the name suggests, airplane mode is generally activated when passengers will board the plane, this is so that when flying the aircraft communication system is not disturbed and mobile phone users can still play their mobile phones with the condition that they must activate aircraft mode.

But this feature is always admin use or activate when the card used can only make emergency calls. The trick is to turn on airplane mode for 5-10 seconds and disable it again. This is useful for refreshing the signal on your phone to make it even better.

Waiting a While

As mentioned above in the point of causing the problem, which is due to bad weather so it would be nice for you to wait for a while, maybe this is a weather factor that only lasts for a while. In addition, you can wait while playing offline games so as not to get bored until the network returns to normal.

Replace Damaged HP Hardware

If you have done all the above methods but the problem has not been resolved there may be a problem with your mobile card slot. So it would be nice for you to check the counter / service hp for check. If this is true hardware problems then there is no other way but to repair damaged parts of the phone or if necessary you have to replace the damaged components. This way you can try for all brands of mobile phones, one of which is Samsung, so this way can be to overcome only samsung emergency calls.

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