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How to Remove Ads on the Latest Android Phones

The appearance of advertisements on the screen of a cellphone or smartphone based on Android OS is certainly not a pleasant thing, on the contrary, especially if the advertisement is included in the POP-up type, such a thing will certainly be very disturbing and reduce comfort, in addition to covering content or applications that will be directed, usually if accidentally pressed, will later direct it directly to the application that we do not want.

Please note, because ads appear, firstly because they are default from cellphones, secondly because of installing applications, and thirdly it could be because you accidentally visited a dangerous site on your browser. Well, if the ads appear due to the second and third causes, that means you have to be careful, you could be exposed to malware.

How to Remove Ads on Android Phones

How to Remove Ads on Android Phones

For those who don't know what malware is, it's a program created to duplicate, damage and steal data on the devices affected by it. But you don't need to panic or worry, because we have tips/how to get rid of ads on Android phones that are safe, effective, and easy to apply yourself, which you can directly see in the review below.

1. Enable Play Protect

For the first one, this is a default feature of the Google application found on the Play Store, so you don't have to bother with third-party applications. How to access it is very easy, here is an explanation.

  • Open “Play Store”
  • Then enter the menu by pressing the google account icon on the top right
  • After that click the "Play Protect" menu
  • Then press the "Scan" menu until a green cawing sign appears
  • Now finally, if this is the case, it means that the way to remove ads is active and indicates that there are no harmful applications on the smartphone

2. VPN

Is a 3rd party application, uses a VPN, in addition to functioning to open portals to block prohibited sites, VPN also has other benefits, namely it also functions to protect data on smartphones when accessing public Wi-Fi or Hotspots.

3. Adclear

In addition, it can also be done with AdClear, where the first definite way is to download it on the Play Store and install the application on a smartphone, if it is installed, then just activate it by pressing the power button panel on the application, and the ad will not appear again.

4. Adblock

Similar to AdClear, basically AdBlock has the same function, where by installing it on an Android cellphone, then activating it, the application automatically works to block various forms / kinds of advertisements that appear on the browser, in addition to removing ads, accessing the internet becomes faster and lighter.

5. AdGuard

Being an ad-removal application that is quite effective when accessing the internet through various browsers on Android phones, and on the other hand it can also be applied to remove ads in an application, it's just that if you want that, it means you have to have the paid version of the AdGuard application. subscribe.

6. With Antivirus

What's wrong with being alert if there are advertisements that appear without us knowing it, because now there are many ads that appear that are inserted with malware or adware, which endanger important data on smartphones. Well, to anticipate it by installing an Antivirus such as Malwarebytes, which can be downloaded directly on the Play Store.

The size of the application is relatively small, which is 30mb, but its function is fairly stable, not only can it block ads, but it can also scan and give warnings if the application on the cellphone has something dangerous.

7. No Root Firewall

Installing it is not difficult, because as the name implies, the No Root Firewall application does not require root access on the cellphone, so just download and install it by following the existing provisions, then when it is installed, open the application, then just check what you want to install. block the ads, and after that just enjoy the disappearance of ads on your Android phone.

8. UC Browser

Lazy to surf because of the many advertisements, my friend can install UC Browser, besides being light, this browser application also provides an ad barrier feature or ad blocker, which can be found on the "Browser Settings" menu, then if you have entered, scroll down, and swipe. Activate it on the AdBlocker menu, and ads will not reappear on various sites you visit.

9. Opera Mini

This browser can also be used as an option, because in Opera Mini, apart from being a lightweight application, it will also be able to provide more convenience to each user, because there is an "AdBlock" feature in it, which will block and block incoming ads, thus accessing sites or websites. more fun without any ads in it.

10. Security Settings

Don't want to overload your Android phone with new applications, how to get rid of these ads can be used as the right choice, because this feature is definitely available on all Android-based smartphones, namely by accessing the Security Settings menu, here androidays friends only need to activate the "Don't Allow Downloads From Unclear Sources" feature, so the cellphone will not be careless in perform various forms of downloading in order to avoid harmful advertisements.

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